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I am struggling to show how everyone’s role interrelates with each other so the environment is based on shared understanding and purpose. We have tried team meetings but they are often too big and do not show the contribution of individual roles. I would appreciate any suggestions.


You have presented a very interesting challenge that many large organisations struggle with – how to build a culture of purpose and meaning in a workplace with so many different roles and personalities. While I see the benefits in demonstrating how roles interrelate, I would like to suggest a more innovative approach of outlining how goals interconnect. Instead of sharing the KPIs and direct reports to an employee, try outlining a list of end goals and how these goals interconnect and relate to the goals of other employees. This provides strategic perspective and allows an employee to contextualise their work.

The other part of your question also delves into the challenges around expecting meetings to communicate and achieve effective outcomes. The current thinking is that effective meetings should be short, sharp and driven again by outcomes. Undertaking meetings standing up are also becoming more popular and are viewed as more creative, efficient and respectful that time is critical.