By Dr Lindsay McMillan

Wellbeing is playing an increasing role in today’s work landscape and workplaces who wish to remain competitive will need to know how to deliver it.

Wellbeing is not a buzzword to attach to any new HR strategy, but rather it requires careful consideration, factoring in worker’s evolving needs in our rapidly-changing work landscape. 

Ever wondered what the greatest negative impact on wellbeing in the workplace is? Or if Australian workers think wellbeing programs are worth the time and money?

A new report from the a future that works campaign will soon reveal that and much more after it asked over 1,000 Australian workers the big workplace questions. 

The report, entitled Workplace Wellbeing, launching in Melbourne on 23 November and in Sydney on 1 December, was undertaken by global HR think-tank, Reventure.

With worker wellbeing increasingly coming under the spotlight, the new report will provide a range of insights straight from the workers themselves.

Some Australian workplaces have recognised this rising trend and have addressed it with workplace wellbeing programs, in fact, 43 per cent of Australian workers claim their workplace offers a wellbeing program.

We have taken the next step and asked the question that often requires multiple internal workplace surveys to gauge – are these programs effective?

The results deliver significant insights for employees and employers alike and we look forward to releasing them soon.

Everyone is welcome to join us for breakfast for the launch of Workplace Wellbeing in Melbourne and Sydney. You can purchase your ticket here.