By Dr Lindsay McMillan

Australian CEOs have expressed concerns that the rapid pace of change in the workplace and technological advancements could be creating an “outsourcing epidemic.”

That’s the verdict from CEO Insights, our latest survey which examined the views of 50 CEOs over an 18 month period.

The new survey delivers a unique insight into the views of Australian business leaders who have spelt out their concerns about what the future holds.

I think it is fair to say that this latest research reveals Australian CEOs are concerned about the future of workplaces.  

The rapid rate of change and the impact this is having on how business is done and what is expected of them is of increasing concern to the business leaders.

Our first report, 2016 Snapshot of Australian Workplaces, provided the employees view of the workplace and the latest report is the flip side of the coin.

Of course technology is having a revolutionary impact on business practices and it is clear from these responses that not all of it is positive.

There is a real concern amongst some CEOs that technology and globalisation has made it too easy for companies to outsource key functions, and this is having too big an impact on local employment.

As technology advances and global interconnectedness increases, more businesses will take the road of outsourcing key functions, but the concern is as to the impact.

Yes you have the intended consequences of more agility and flexibility and profitability, but also unintended ones around losing core skills and corporate knowledge, and impacts on staff.”

The survey also reveals that CEOs are seeing technology actually make it harder to communicate with what are becoming more disparate teams.

With technology allowing work to be conducted in different places, often across borders, CEOs expressed concern that it was making it more difficult to communicate across staff.  

These findings highlight the concerns of CEOs and the issues facing workplaces in this time of great change.

To read the report, CEO Insights click here.