It was a great privilege to be interviewed by Gemma Veness on ABC News last night! We discussed a future that works’ latest landmark report, “Workplace Loneliness”. This report is first-of-its-kind in Australia.

Our report reveals that 40% of Australians feel lonely at work and this is causing significant detriment to workplace productivity and personal wellbeing. We have also crafted and included in the report practical solutions for Australian workplaces to reduce and end loneliness. You can read the report here:

In launching our report, I want to hear from and showcase Australian workplaces who are doing terrific work to address this growing workplace epidemic.

What is your workplace doing to address workplace loneliness? What initiatives have worked for your workplace? What improvements have you seen in your workplace culture? What challenges has your workplace experienced along the way?

Get in touch with me and I look forward to sharing my research with you and finding out more about your workplace.