Rapid and unprecedented change in the marketplace driven by ­forces outside of their control, such as Brexit and the Trump presidency, is keeping Australia’s chief executives awake at night, a report reveals.

The report by global think tank Reventure, which involved interviews with 50 chief executives, revealed that the sense of shake-up that had hit the political world with Brexit and the election of Donald Trump was being felt in Australian companies.

The company heads interviewed agreed that the rapidity of change was the most significant pressure point creating an uncertain future. “The rapid nature of change is presenting opportunities for businesses and employees, but also uncertainty around the very nature of how work is conducted,” report author Lindsay McMillan said.

“With the rise of populist movements throughout the world, including Brexit in Europe and Donald Trump in America, traditional business and political models are being dramatically shaken up. It is not just politicians that are being sent a message from these movements, but business people and employers, too.”