20 November 2017
West Australian, Perth
Author: Lindsay McMillan • Section: Your Money • Article type : News Item


Australian health and aged-care workers are working beyond their job description, at times even providing financial guidance, according to a new report from global HR think-tank Reventure.

This female-dominated profession is at risk of being chronically overworked and an ageing population will exacerbate the problem.

Aged-care workers are saying that on top of their everyday duties, they act as secretaries, a family support conduit, the roster data manager and even a financial guide.

That is simply too much to ask of workers who already perform a physically and emotionally demanding job, and it is up to business leaders to make a cultural change in the workplace.

In 2050, one in five Australians will be over the age of 65. With an ageing population, the industry needs to better prepare the workplace to ensure employees are not exhausted.

It is very important the industry continues to attract the right type of people. However, it will lose its appeal if there is an unhealthy workplace culture of overworking in the industry.

In Australia, there are 960,000 health practitioners and aged-care professionals. The Health Services Union says 44 per cent of workers are over the age of 55.

Health and aged care is too important to get wrong. It is one of the few industries that cannot be replaced by artificial intelligence.

The Industry Insights report is the newest research to be published by Reventure as part of the national A Future That Works campaign.

The report outlines challenges faced by five Australian industries — aviation, tourism and hospitality, professional services, health and aged care and education.

This report aims to identify the unique challenges arising in the workplaces of significant industries and offer a tailored solution.

The campaign was launched by Reventure after research found 49 per cent of Australian workers were likely to look for a new job in the next year.

This campaign is aimed at highlighting effective and practical solutions so that workplaces can more actively engage with modern challenges.

Lindsay McMillan is lead researcher at Reventure