4 November 2017
Daily Telegraph, Sydney
Section: BW Magazine • Article type : News Item


Taste testing sweets and beer every day, free travel and playing with dogs - they would have to be up there with the best jobs ever. Getting one of these seemingly ideal jobs, the ones most of us would probably do for nothing, is like landing the lottery. But for a lucky few, it's a daily reality.

But getting real job satisfaction can be like finding the holy grail. However, it is possible to land a job that combines your passion for life with a paycheque, says Sydney career coach Jane Jackson.

"When it comes to dream jobs, it's about finding something that makes your heart sing and that you look forward to every day," the author of Navigating Career Crossroads says.

"If you're moving from a job you're not happy with, you have to ask yourself what it is you are dissatisfied with, then assess what makes you tick, what motivates you. Once you have done that, do some research to find which industries appeal to you and then think about whether your passions and hobbies can be monetised. 

"Lastly, network with people who do these jobs and explore how you go about getting into such a job. Don't be afraid to offer your services on a volunteer basis while you're researching."

A 2016 snapshot of the Australian workplace by employment researchers Reventure found that 44 per cent of Australian workers were extremely or very satisfied with their job. However, 49 per cent of workers said that they were likely to look for a new position in the coming year.