Smart Company: EMMA KOEHN

Director of workplace think-tank Reventure, Lindsay McMillan, says news of the perils of hot-desking are not so surprising given the concept was created not with workers in mind, but in the interests of conserving space.

“Hot-desking is a challenge — it was originally started when architects would say people would work out of the office, so if you have a staff of 50 but not actually 50 desks. The challenge for SMEs is often though, if not everyone is allowed to come and go, there’s a sense of, “Why do those people have the ability to come and go, and I don’t?”

In cases where your office setup and workplace practices make it hard for colleagues to see who is at work and when, emotions can run high.

“It’s a truism that resentment can emerge,” McMillan says, highlighting the need for any office setup to be decided in consultation with the people who will be working there — and giving them the most choice possible.