Global HR think-tank Reventure discovered that 77 per cent of millennials “are looking for purpose and meaning in their employment.” Damn straight we do. So where exactly can this meaning be found? Is it a particular career path, or a state of mind?

Reventure’s lead researcher Dr Lindsay McMillan reckons that we shouldn’t even call them mentors anymore, because what millennials in the workforce need is so much more. Instead, he suggests that we find a ‘meaning maker’.

“Meaning makers are more than just mentors,” he says. “They are in the workplace and they are the people who can say ‘This is why we exist as an organisation and this is why it matters. A lot of people gain valuable knowledge and advice from a good mentor, but it’s not your mentor’s role to then say, ‘Okay, how does that fit into your life goals and your personal mission?’”