Have you ever stopped to think about what your digital footprint says about you? What story does the lineage of images, posts and conversations you’ve had over the years on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… the seemingly endless list of social channels most of us exist play on… how has our engagement on them shaped the way we are viewed by those who know us, those who don’t and some who may be looking to in the near future.

It’s no secret too that happy staff make for a better work environment, are more productive and are ultimately committed to the cause. And the flow on from that can often be even more powerful. The collective ‘story’ that your staff tell about your business is often the biggest determinant of brand sentiment in market. There is no more powerful brand advocate than those who work within the organisation day in and day out. They, willingly or not, are living and breathing representatives of your narrative… and to the earlier point, those stories are now playing out in so many ways and on so many different platforms. Imagine the reach if every one of your staff shared the business' inspiring story on every platform, every day!