4 . Consider what’s important to the candidates and communicate that

Many a time, hiring managers approach interviews with candidates as a one-sided thing. But really, it goes both ways and the top candidates are judging you as much as you are judging them.

The high turnover in the hospitality industry also has much to do with workers viewing the sector as a ‘stepping stone’ to another career. Dr Lindsay McMillan, lead researcher from global HR think-tank Reventure says “something that the sector is not doing well is demonstrating that employees have purpose and are valued. As a result, employees feel expendable and find another job as soon as they feel unhappy.”

To improve recruitment and retention, Dr McMillan says that employers should communicate their roles as a job landscape – a list of end goals that are intertwined with the goals of other employees – and not simply a job description.

“Employers can improve their retention rates by demonstrating how a role prepares an employee for the future – whether they want a career in the industry or want to gain transferable skills,” she said.