Jetts Fitness is a chain of global health and fitness clubs with over 180 locations across Australia. The franchising business owns 38 clubs and along with its support office, has approximately 150 employees.

In addition to encouraging club members to live healthier lives by going to the gym, Jetts also encourages their team members to live more fulfilling lives at work.

Amanda McSpadden, People and Culture Manager, Jetts Fitness

Amanda McSpadden, People and Culture Manager, Jetts Fitness


Amanda McSpadden, People and Culture Manager at Jetts Fitness said Jetts recognises that life is a work-life blend.

“Our purpose is to inspire people to live a better life which goes beyond just work,” she said.

It is why the company has implemented an initiative called the Love Life Plan. The Love Life Plan is a simple idea: a sheet of paper to write down goals for all the different parts of life: family, health, wealth, contribution, self-development and career. Team members also set a timer on their goals and write down when they want to achieve their goal.

The plan also asks team members to develop strategic, audacious goals for their Top 10 Bucket List. It is an exercise that all team members complete after working at least three months at Jetts.

“This is all about ensuring our team members have a work life balance and also provides the opportunity for them to identify how Jetts can support them with achieving their personal goals as well as their professional goals,” McSpadden said.

“Goal setting is not natural for everyone; however, it is an essential part of life.”

The Love Life Plan also gives leaders at Jetts insight into what motivates their team members in a professional capacity, helping them to understand what matters to their team members, to better respond to their needs and to meet their overall life goals with unique rewards and recognition.

“For example, a leader might assume that their team member is motivated by financial reward. However, upon reviewing the Love Life Plan the leader may learn that their team member is in fact motivated by achievements and would prefer career progression instead of a bonus,” she said.

At Jetts, they also help team members celebrate when they achieve a big goal. At the bi-monthly Love Life Awards, Jetts recognise team members who have reached an important life goal – professional or personal and can range from buying a house, running a half-marathon, sky-diving or swimming with sharks.

“The Love Life Plan was developed as a tool to help our people goal set across all parts of their life, not just work,” she said.

“The holistic approach ensures that our people strive towards a balanced and happy life.”

Team members at Jetts have received the initiative positively and many put their Love Life Plans somewhere they can see every day to remind themselves of the goals they are working towards inside and outside of the workplace.


Inclusion, which is one of four Healthy Workplace Principles, involves showing a genuine interest in your employees, their families, their hobbies and their passions (Renewing Australian Workplaces).