About the campaign

A future that works is our national campaign to generate change.

Australian workplaces are grappling with modern challenges – a fact highlighted by our 2016 Snapshot finding that nearly half the Australian workforce will be looking for a new job in the next year.

Australian workers speak of a greater yearning for meaning and purpose, they bemoan the impact of technology in terms of a virtual workplace which operates 24/7, and there are growing reports of stress, mental health issues and absenteeism.

It is time to renew the Australian workplace – and a future that works is aimed at undertaking research to highlight the challenges and solutions so that workplaces can more actively engage with modern challenges. Over the next few years we will be undertaking a series of significant research projects and our results will be freely accessible in the hope that they spark national debate and inspire CEOs, Managers, Staff and Contractors to rethink their own workplaces. 

Our campaign is based on more than 300,000 hours of workplace counselling undertaken by Converge International over a 50 year period. This tells us that healthier, happier and more engaged workplaces create better cultures with higher levels of commitment and productivity. The challenge is to turn every workplace into such an environment.

Join us as we lead Australia's workplace renewal.

If we work together we can create better workplaces and a future that works for all.