Dr Lindsay McMillan OAM

Dr Lindsay McMillan OAM is a leading Australian academic, thought leader and social commentator in the field of human resources and the complexities of the modern workplace.

As the Managing Director of Reventure Limited, Dr McMillan is charged with undertaking research, raising public debate, and helping to renew workplaces for the future.

He is a regular researcher, author and presenter in Australia and internationally.

For several decades, he has led social enterprises and an international human resources company, as well as serving in non-executive director and chair roles with boards. He is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

It is this practical experience in a range of leadership roles that drives Dr McMillan to work with CEOs and their workplaces to strive for greater job satisfaction, true meaning and purpose, and optimal performance.

Dr McMillan holds a Doctor of Health Services (Psychology), a Master of Education and a Bachelor of Health Administration. 

He is a recipient of an OAM for services to Australians with disabilities through a range of health organisations and employee assistance programs. He is a Churchill Fellow and a recipient of a Rotary International Foundation Fellowship.

Publications & Presentations

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Dr Lindsay McMillan – Managing Director, Reventure Ltd

Dr Lindsay McMillan – Managing Director, Reventure Ltd