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Workplace Loneliness


Workplace Loneliness is a future that works’ landmark research which explores the growing workplace loneliness epidemic. Our first-of-its-kind report provides practical solutions for workplaces to reduce and end loneliness.

Social connection at work is more than just being happy at work. Loneliness has profound impacts on workplaces including reduced productivity, increase in mistakes made at work, higher rates of sick leave and less socially engaged employees.

It is everyone’s responsibility to look out for people who may feel socially isolated. We can start in our workplaces and our latest report provides a way forward for workplaces to lead this change.   

Best in Class

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Best in Class is a future that works’ seminal, solutions-focused report. It captures insights from the people leaders from some of Australia’s best in class organisations – PwC, AECOM, Mercy Health, Starlight Children’s Foundation, HESTA, Arts Centre Melbourne, PepsiCo, Cotton On Group, Jetts Fitness, and Xero.

This report captures the many practical ways these best in class organisations are leading their organisations. The people leaders at these organisations are driving change and providing a way forward for other people leaders to emulate in their own organisations.

Precarious Work Insights

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Did you know that a third of insecure Australian workers change jobs at least every 20 months?

The Precarious Work Insights report is a nationally representative survey of more than 1,000 Australian employed adults (aged between 18-65 years). This report has captured some surprising findings about new and old ways of working.

Precarious Work Insights explores the increasing casualisation of the workforce in Australia and its implications. The report provides insight into perceptions, benefits, risks and implications of the casualisation of the workforce for individuals, businesses and communities.

2017 Snapshot of the Australian Workplace

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The second annual survey of more than 1,000 Australian workers, Reventure provides insight into changing sentiments across key workplace areas like job satisfaction, performance, technology and health.

This report provides insight into how Australian workers are responding to change and highlights challenges like work-life balance, technology stress and workplace distractions. Overcoming these challenges will be key to creating happier, healthier and more engaged workplaces in 2018.

Workplace Wellbeing

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Ever wondered what the greatest negative impact on wellbeing in the workplace is? Or if Australian workers genuinely think wellbeing programs are worth the time and money?

Based on a national survey of over 1,000 Australian workers, Workplace Wellbeing provides insight into the current perceptions of wellbeing, and how to enhance wellbeing with proven solutions. In this rapidly-changing work landscape, this report analyses what wellbeing really means to workers and what their expectations are.

Industry Insights

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Industry Insights is an in-depth look into the workplace challenges that are gripping major industries across Australia. This report provides an analysis based on academic and market research to address these challenges with specific solutions.

Industry Insights offers evidence-based HR solutions for Australia's industries including Aviation, Hospitality and Tourism, Professional Services, Health and Aged Care and Education.

Renewing Australian Workplaces


An analysis of more than 300,000 hours of workplace counselling sessions has shown the leading reason employees seek counselling is a breakdown in relationships at work and in the home. Couple this with the seismic social shifts in Australian workplaces, including the role of technology and the rise in part-time work, and it is clear that a greater focus on relationships at work is needed. 

As a result, the a future that works campaign has released Renewing Australian Workplaces, highlighting what employers can do to improve relationships in the workplace. 

This report details practical ways these principles can be implemented and is a must for all Australian workplaces

Delivering Purpose and Meaning


In response to an increasing trend of workers looking for greater meaning in their work, HR think tank Reventure presents a six step process to build a culture of purpose and meaning and deliver genuine change in workplaces around the nation.

Delivering Purpose and Meaning helps workplaces renew by first outlining the drivers of purpose and meaning and how current workplaces are responding. The report then outlines a proven method to build such a culture and sustain it in today’s modern work landscape.

CEO Insights: The top ten challenges facing the CEO of the future


In the second significant piece of research undertaken by Reventure, 50 CEOs have given their insight into the top ten challenges impacting on leadership in the modern workplace. 

The report is a rare examination of the CEO’s role – resulting from 18 months’ worth of interviews about solutions to actively engage with challenges and the skills needed to lead a future Australian workplace.

While our first report provided the employees view of the workplace, CEO Insights gives the view from the executive floor and is a roadmap to help business leaders transform their workplaces into more productive and healthy environments into the future.

2016 Snapshot of the Australian Workplace


Undertaking a national survey of 1,000 Australian workers, HR think tank Reventure identifies the most significant issues confronting modern workplaces. 

Key challenges such as  job satisfaction, technology, productivity and health are explored in order to gauge the 2016 work landscape and the future of work.

Among its findings, Reventure found nearly half of Australia’s workforce will likely look a new job in the next 12 months. This clear struggle of workplaces nationwide to renew in time to cope with modern challenges triggered our national campaign a future that works.