The ‘not-for-profit’ or ‘for purpose’ sector overall is undergoing significant changes due to government regulations, and increased competition from for-profit organisations and other charities. In fact, there are currently 55, 000 registered charities in Australia and this number is growing.

Having acknowledged this backdrop, there are some positive solutions that are worth considering.

Reventure’s research indicates there is a growing awareness that ‘purpose and meaning’ in an organisation makes a significant difference in driving more engaged staff. This is particularly evident in charities.

It is vital that staff are reminded where they fit into the ‘bigger picture’. What goal are your employees working towards? What difference are they making? As author Simon Sinek reminds us we need to be constantly addressing the ‘why’.

Storytelling of changed lives or situations can be a constant reminder that grounds your organisation and employee actions.

A practical solution is to hold lunches for employees to meet those who benefit from the organisation – to show tangible value and impact. Reventure’s research for CEO Insights reinforces the need for a business leader to be the storyteller.

Another useful approach is to gather stories demonstrating the impact your organisation has and publish them. This will act as a reinforcement for employees that they are a part of driving change. This will also drive an authentic and purpose-driven culture that employees can resonate with day-to-day.

Purpose and meaning for staff can never be assumed. It is a constant journey of discovery and fulfilment.