By Dr Lindsay McMillan

People accustomed to using their devices in the evenings should know their night time habit might be seriously affecting their health.

A new study conducted by the University of Glasgow, in the largest study or its kind, has found that late night technology use can increase your chances of developing mood disorders because of the disruption to your body clock.

The study found that avoiding screen time before getting to sleep will reduce your chances of mood instability, the feeling of loneliness, unhappiness, health dissatisfaction and poor cognitive function.

It is one thing to be up late watching ten episodes of your favourite TV show in a row, but if you really want to turn up the toxicity, try doing work on your devices just before bed.

In my experience counselling in the workplace for many years, these late-night workers can be anyone in the managerial food chain, from top exec to your run of the mill employee.

If you recognise yourself in this study, it is time to take steps to look after yourself and your mental health. In the least, turn down the toxicity and avoid doing work just before bed.

What if you are a small business owner?

The principle holds true even for the busy small business owner who might have taken up a habit of balancing the books before bed.

It is true that small business owners have to do the odd-jobs and be self-motivated but that also includes knowing when to say no to work for the sake of improving your overall productivity.

Many people will know the example of the man who furiously cuts down a tree with a blunt axe. By making sure that your axe (you) are sharp will serve you better in the long run.

So, what should you do?

Try a couple of things.

Downgrade your technology. Dust off your old school alarm clock and buy some triple A batteries.

Second, charge your phone in another room overnight. If you find it difficult, you will realise just how much screen time you have been getting.

To read the full report, join the a future that works campaign here.