A great deal of research has been undertaken on the benefits of being physically active, with evidence suggesting it aids concentration, assists in managing depression, and is a positive mood enhancer.

While work should primarily focus on ensuring workers feel valued, are productive and driven by a purpose, there are many organisational benefits to promoting fitness at work - workers will feel better and it can lead to a collaborative culture.

Promoting fitness doesn’t necessarily mean joining a gym but implementing a few simple measures:  

  • Australians generally work longer hours than most western countries, most of which is done sitting down. Workers can opt undertake a ‘walking meeting’ or even a stand up meeting.
  • If you need to speak with someone in your building, avoid the temptation to email them; get up and speak with them directly.
  • Workers can be encouraged to find a colleague who shares their level of physical activity and they can agree to motivate each other to be active.
  • Assist in promoting different forms of travel to work such as having a bike rack.
  • Walk down stairs rather that take the lift.

So yes, being physically active is good for the organisation too.  The greatest challenge is to start!