As this workplace is for a small business that is aiming to grow, now is an excellent time to make sure the culture is healthy as the business expands. There are four key principles that will build an effective and sustainable culture and that is to foster healthy relationships within the workplace - engagement, development, inclusion and life enhancement. While Reventure has explored this in greater detail in our report Renewing Australian Workplaces, a few practical measures that apply to small business and your issue include:

  • The organisation leaders should lead the way by communicating honestly about their own abilities, gaps and past mistakes to create a culture of transparency and an culture of trust;
  • Make sure each employee understands and appreciates the purpose of the organisation – this is beyond output but rather the narrative that drives the organisation and its workers. It’s the ‘why’ we are here!
  • Regular strategic meetings will create a much-needed platform in your workplace to articulate how workers are adding to the organisation, affirming workers on their contribution not the longevity of their employment.

Give employees the chance to prepare for creative and collaborative interactions – allow them time to develop innovative approaches and ideas unhindered. The most successful organisations are those that foster trust through effective and valued relationships.